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Rav Levi Cooper – The Merciful One Desires the Heart: Tales of Hasidic Tales, May 1-22

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Video link: 01-Tales of Hasidic Tales, Levi Cooper, May 1, 2020

Session 2 – Tales of Hasidic Tales, Levi Cooper, May 8, 2020 –

Session 3 – May 15, Tales of a Hasidic Tale, Levi Cooper,

Source sheet

 Session 1,Intro and initial reading of the story,Tales of Hasidic Tales, R Levi Cooper, May 1 2020

Session 2 Agnon, May 8, 2020, R Levi Cooper, Tales of Hasidic Tales

Session 3 – Lubavitch, May 15, 2020, Tales of a Hasidic Tale

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All audio recordings available HERE





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